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How To Find a Great Animal Chiropractor

In order to be an animal chiropractor, most states require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic or a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After completing either school chiropractors and veterinarians that are interested in animal chiropractic go to a special 200 + hours post graduate program. Currently, there are only 4 schools specializing in animal chiropractic:

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A Boy And His Dog

In honor of Valentine's Day, we wanted to share an excerpt from, an organization dedicated to researching and sharing about heart intelligence. This story is called A Boy And His Dog and it highlights the special connection people share with their pets. What an amazing reason to invest and care for your pup's well being. It's so sweet and fascinating that you might even want to read more HERE! Happy Valentine's Day!

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5 Reasons To Stretch That Dog

My name is “Linus Winston” and I am a 6-year- old Husky-Great Pyrenees mix. A few years ago my human started doing a stretching routine with me. Besides the fact that I love all the attention, it feels amazing and I think it is truly adding quality years to my life. My human and I put together 5 of the top reasons why it is so important for us dogs to get stretched on a regular basis.

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